Spark the Change 2015


Spark the Change 2015 Conference - The Markel Marvel!

In 2014, our team was delighted to receive an award for innovative and transformational change within the workplace by the judges at Spark the Change.

As a celebration of this achievement, InfoQ published a case study on Markel International's digital team. Read it here: 
The Markel Marvel: A Case Study of Digital Transformation in Insurance

In 2015 conference I was asked to return to the event and present an update on our transformation journey at Markel. On any journey, it is important to pause once in a while and enjoy the view! We are always looking for opportunities for continuous improvement so unsurprisingly, we are a very different team with different working processes to the one that was originally awarded the Spark Award accolade in 2014.

The presentation I gave focused on things that we noticed had remained consistent throughout this change - our values and our culture.

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Spark was a great conference which unlike many others targets the ENTIRE organisation rather than just a particular role or function. There was a healthy mix of C-level execs, representatives from Finance, Business, HR functions as well as Technologists in attendance. It was a conference about changing the world of work for the better