European Insurance Forum 2015


Poll Position - Tech advances changing the insurance industry

I was fortunate enough to participate in a panel at the 2015 European Insurance Forum discussing "moving targets" and how technological advances were changing the landscape of the insurance industry. Minister Simon Harris delivered the opening address to this panel session. Highlighting the rise of FinTech in Ireland and a revised strategy for the International Financial Services Sector, and the role of FinTech in creating an economic advantage. We were joined by our moderator, Harry Goddard, from Delloite and Ian Lucey who is the CEO of Lucey Fund and has invested in over 40 startups.

Although the theme of the session was technology, we also spoke on the culture of successful learning organisations. We touched on disruptive tech, the rise of the "Intrapreneur" and security theatre.


Following a chance conversation at the speakers dinner, I was interviewed by The Insurance Journal on our journey at Markel Digital. The interview is available as a podcast (which I prefer) but was also written up as an article 'Outside Forces’ are Changing the Industry: Markel’s Kumana Has Solutions.


Apart from my sessions, I met some really interesting people. I discussed the role of iwatch telmetry in health insurance with Jordi Posthumus, met Dr Aubery de Grey to discuss the impact of a 150-year human lifespan on the life insurance and pensions industry (I remember reading about him in MIT technology review)! Also had some great conversations with Tony Cabot on building the culture of a learning organisation.

So in summary - a fantastic event and one which I am sure to attend regularly.

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