UX Camp Vienna 2014

What is it we do again? (aka UX... WTF?!)


From Unicorns to the idea of Reification...

From visual models for defining UX to the age old discussion of skills vs roles...

From the "Furious 5" to the secret of selling UX and the flux capacitor for innovation...

This talk takes a moment to explore some of the challenges and opportunities facing user experience as a community of practice. I talk about problems in the way UX professionals have come to define what they do and who they are within the industry.

After highlighting a few of the challenges, I provide some concrete advice that has helped breakdown the silos and has allowed user-experience to emerge as a first-order concern and underpinning philosophy within software delivery teams.


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This was a great conference (and my first keynote!). I was a bit nervous but schnapps with the conference organisers the evening before my opening keynote helped calm the nerves!

The organisers did a great job with the venue, coffee and food. The highlight however was the people and the content. Lots of good stuff on accessibility, agile and thinking about the future. I even got the chance to play with a 3D printer-pen.

Recommended Reading

I would highly recommend the following books where you can find more information on some of the topics discussed.