Customer Experience Management for Banking and Financial Services

Banking is Essential. Banks are Not. 
Encouraging disruptive innovation in turbulent times


It used to be the case that people were more likely to get divorced than change their bank account. Times are changing, and the market has never been more fluid - this talk explains why by mapping experiences to BJ Fogg's established model of human behaviour.

The talk takes a tour of game-changing innovation in the financial sector and explores where the the majority of this innovation is coming from — it's not the established banks.

Finally the talk review concepts from The Lean Startup and discusses how organisations like banks (with all their heavy legacy baggage) can still begin to encourage continuous, customer-centered, innovation.


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Interesting conference in a very specific domain. I think the message was well received albeit a bit radical. It is good to see customer-focus coming back to the forefront of priorities for banks. Lets hope banks have the courage to escape the shackles of legacy systems and politics in order to truly embrace innovation.

A funny take on Security Theatre

As part of the talk, I discussed the concept of security theatre. The idea that sometimes we make users jump through security hoops - but these do very little to actually improve security... I recently found a wonderful comedy sketch by John Finnemore that perfectly highlights this point for credit-cards in an amusing way. I didn't have time to include it in my conference talk so hopefully you can enjoy it now

Recommended Reading

I would highly recommend the following books where you can find more information on some of the topics discussed.