The InsurTech start-ups to watch in 2016

Most of you will know that in February, I stopped trying to be an "intrapreneur" and have started on an incredible journey as an "entrepreneur".  I moved on from leading the incredibly talented digital team over at Markel International and have co-founded a startup called Wrisk with a few like minded colleagues.

I have grown used to working within constraints imposed by an incumbent organisation.  Suddenly having the freedom to really do things differently is refreshing and terrifying in equal measure!

We are still in the early stages of Wrisk and are keeping our cards close to our chest.  Suffice it to say that we have made some tremendous progress in the last month and have the seeds of a really compelling proposition.  

I will do a more detailed blogpost around Wrisk soon.

If you want to get updates on Wrisk - sign-up for early access here.

Wrisk has already been called out by the industry press as one of the InsuranceTech startups to watch in 2016!

The InsurTech start-ups to watch in 2016

If you have a subscription to post magazine, they wrote a separate piece here:

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