POST's Digital Insurance Activists

At the core of the +150 strong Digital Insurance Collective there is the Digital Activist Board of 15 people. POST hand selected this group for their passion and expertise in the digital space and their ability to effect genuine change.  

I am proud to have been selected by POST as one of their Digital Activists.  I think I'm in very good company.

There are loads of interesting people and company's trying to push change within the insurance sector.  Anyone with any experience of the incumbent culture within insurance will know that it is a particularly hard space to disrupt.  Technology is not enough.  To truly effect change you need to understand the constraints of the existing space whilst simultaneously looking to the art-of-the-possible.

At my new startup Wrisk, we do this every day. 

I'm looking forward to the inaugural meetup of the group that is currently scheduled for March 11th 2016.