Simplify or Die: How Successful Insurance Brands are Streamlining their UX


I was asked to kick-off proceedings at a meet-up hosted by Dock9 ToastEvents that focused on 2016 UX trends within the insurance industry.  Rather than talk about specific interaction patterns (although I did share a few!) my talk was focused on the question "Should we be bolder?".

I highlighted whilst there are plenty of opportunities to iteratively improve what has been a largely neglected customer experience, I feel we need to challenge ourselves more and ask some more fundamental questions of the insurance industry.

I was happy that the ideas and concepts in the talk were received well.  I got lots of great feedback and there were some pretty positive tweets floating around! 

I've spoken about many of these issues before but pulling together this talk really helped to validate some of my recent thinking around our direction for my new start-up Wrisk.

A pdf of my slides are available here.

A few pics from the event