Agile & UCD: Building the Right Thing, the Right Way.

Although this article is now pretty old, it touches on a concept that is always challenging for organisations to grasp when they start moving to agile methods:  iteration.

We need to build teams that sense, adapt and respond to change.  That change comes in many forms but is often the result of some new information being discovered.

We should make it a point to actively seek new information - from the only people whose opinions are beyond contestation - our customers.

This article illustrates how teams should 'plan to iterate' based on the outputs of usability testing in order to extract information from their users, verify assumptions, and to validate design decisions.

Jeff Patton made the distinction between iterative and incremental approaches to software delivery famous with his Mona Lisa slide.  Although I prefer the more recent example of building a car from Henrik Kniberg at Spotify.

Read the article on DevX here:

Agile and UCD - Building the Right Thing, The Right Way.