Agile Experience Design

Lindsay Radcliff and Marc McNeil were ahead of their time when they wrote this book.   For several years the Agile / Lean movement could not make sense of how to integrate with the design community. Long before AgileUX or LeanUX became a "thing", these guys were collecting a toolbox of methods that worked.

Together with Marc and Lindsay, I was lucky enough to be part of a small handful of people who really started to progress the industry's thinking in this space.  Eewei Chen, Jeremy Sutherland, Anders Ramsey, Jeff Gothelf, Darci Dutcher, Jason Furnell and Jeff Patton were all instrumental in helping to bring the best of design-thinking to the world of Agile software delivery.

 Integrating design thinking and quality customer experience into engineering led cultures is still challenging today. This book helps lay out many ideas that help.

I am delighted to have been acknowledged in this book and that some of my thinking around Goal-Oriented Design has been shared.