InfoQ Case Study

The Markel Marvel: A Case Study of Digital Transformation in Insurance


In July 2014, Spark the Change offered an Award for organisations trying to change the way they worked. They were looking for creative innovation and responsiveness, and a commitment to building happier workplaces. From 67 applicants, the prize was awarded to GCHQ, with a runner-up place given to the Digital Team at Markel International.


Part of the prize was a professional case-study written by InfoQ.

InfoQ is a high profile technical publication that has a readership base of over 1,000,000 unique visitors per month across the globe. It publishes content in English, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, and French - it's purpose is to inspire progress and community in software development.

Read the case-study written by Spark the Change judge, Helen Walton, here:

The Markel Marvel: A Case Study of IT Transformation in Insurance

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